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OS/2 and eCS links and tools

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I am a proud user of IBM's OS/2 multitasking operating system - now in the form of    eCS 2.0 !!. For pricing and purchase information please click http://ecomstation.biz

I was at Warpstock 2005 in Hershey Pa. October 6-9.

Warpstock 2006 was in Windsor, Ontario. I was there -

Warpstock 2007 was in Toronto, Ontario. I was there -

Warpstock 2008 was in Santa Cruz California August 15-17 2008.

Unfortunately, because we moved in early September, we weren't there

Warpstock 2009 was in Albuquerque, New Mexico August 7-9 2009.

Warpstock 2010 was in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; August 6-8.


Here are a few OS/2 links:
* OS/2 World
* Netlabs.org
* OS/2 Voice
* os2warp.be compatible hardware list

Possi Logo I am a past member of the board of  POSSI, the Phoenix OS/2 Society. You can get membership information at their new expanded web site. You don't need to live in Phoenix to reap the benefits of membership; there are members in almost every state and many other countries.

*** New! 2010. Get my getdirsize utility to quickly show the size of the files in a directory or drive and in each of the top level subdirectories.

*** Get my REXX utility to build a HTML catalog of GIF and JPG images  imaghtml.zip updated! Feb 2002
Now at version 2.X.10. Click here to see the results for the images on this site.

*** tnailer is a tool to assist in web site generation, where there are a number of images on a page, and it is desired to create thumbnails (small versions) of the images that, when clicked, cause a new window to open with the full sized image. This technique reduces substantially the time to download a page, the viewer only downloads the large version of images of interest.

updated.gif Now updated to use a parameter file so you don't need to edit the parameter block in the program itself.

*** Get my REXX utilities for comparing Mozilla, Netscape etc. bookmark files:  bmarkcmp.zip

MR2/ICE links and tools, including tools to migrate to PMmail

mr2/ice MR/2 ICE was an excellent mail and news program. There is both an OS/2 version and MRW, a version that works under windows (95,98,NT,2000,XP,...); the 2 versions can coexist and share files on a machine running multiple operating systems. Unfortunately, the development of a new improved version with many bugfixes and improvements was stalled because of a disagreement between the owner of the code (who acquired the rights from Nick Knight) and the developer. This resulted in the latest beta development release becoming unusable as of March 1 2009. As a consequence, I and I suspect many others have begun the process of migrating to another mailer program. I have selected PMmail, which is available to os2voice members.

ICE to PMM migration tools

+ Migrate the mr2ice address book file mr2i.adr to the PMm address file addr.db

Now available - more migration tools including a mail folder migration tool that will import mr2ice folders into PMm folders. mr2i2pmmail.zip. Jan fixed a bug in the address book tool and finished my partial work on the folder conversion tool. [I have not had a chance to test these myself due to other work pressures].

Other items for MR/2 ICE users:

+Get my utilities to set a default sort order on newsgroups and blastit.cmd to clean up corrupted news data newscmds.zip

+Read my article about filters from the November 1997 extended attributes

+Get my updated (Jun 2004) filter interchange utility package (includes ICEFI and ICEFX) fltintch.zip - now handles the new (MR2ICE 2.29 and later - INCLUDING the new flag in 2.40) filter format.

+Get FilterRef.txt  the best (and only?) filter reference.

+Get my Folder INDeX UTiLity findxutl.zip. New!

+Get my vacation autoreply package vacation.zip

+Get my autoice package to automatically connect and get mail autoice.zip

+Get my possicmd package to modify subject lines possicmd.zip

+Get my cpymsg package that can be used to combine a bunch of messages into a single file for printing: cpymsg.zip

+Address book utilities adrstuff.zip